English - Arabic phonetics translation

Planning a trip to Doha ? Learn a few words to make sure to be able to communicate - Even if many qatari speak english it is always a plus to be able to say a few words in Arabic. Find herebelow the english language commonlly used phrases and their arabic equivelent to find out how to say each of these phrases in Arabic. We also selected online resources that offer free online Arabic-English-Arabic translation service. It is a good advise when coming to Qatar to have a list of translated keywords in your pocket (And the name of your hotel).

How to say - English - Arabic dictionary

Here are free online Internet dictionary - English Arabic

  • www.ectaco.co.uk : have a try using the extensive language databases. Using this tool you can easily get instant back translations, for more complete understanding.
  • www.systranbox.com : The famous translator - You can get free online translation
  • www.google.com : The free translation tool by google

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